S’More to Explore!

2015 is all about exploration.  Study, investigate, analyze.  To think and talk about a topic in a purposeful way.  To travel for adventure and discovery.

The Lakamaga Adult Education Conference offers us the opportunity to explore as Adult Girl Scouts in a beautiful outdoor setting.  We’ll talk about what it means to be a new Troop Leader.  We’ll study the art of yarn crafts.  We’ll travel via canoe around Big Marine Lake to discover new scenery.  We’ll discuss topics of troop management and outdoor adventures with other Adult Girl Scouts.

So come on out to Camp Lakamaga this August.  Bring a buddy (or four).  Hang out with other Adult Girl Scouts.  Learn something new.  Connect with a memory.  Discover a better way to lead your girls.  All you need is you, a camp chair, some sunscreen, and a water bottle!

Registration opens soon – stay tuned for details on how to join us for the year of EXPLORATION.