Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. Shared With A Pal.  SWAPS!
This traditional trinket is a must for events such as the Lakamaga Conference.  That’s right, even adult Girl Scouts swap!  More than just a thing to exchange, SWAPS have a large history with Girl Scouting as they are a way to say hello to your sister scouts.  SWAPS started appearing in the 1950s at Roundups where Senior Girl Scouts traded keepsakes and memories with one another.  (Learn more about the history at the Traditions Page at girlscouts.org)

The Lakamaga Conference is just three months away – so now is the time to plan and make your SWAPS.  Come up with ideas that represent you, your troop/group, your area and represent it in a fun way.  Looking for ideas?  We found well over 1000 with a quick search on Pinterest.

Never made SWAPS before?  Now is the time to try it out.  These are great for your girls to bring to encampments, council-wide events, Jamborees, and travel.  Some of the committees favorite memories include swapping at National Sing-A-Longs, travel to World Centers, Jamborees, the International River Crossing, even running into other Girl Scouts at museums.

So – whatcha thinking of making?  Have other ideas to share?  Whooooo loves SWAPS?  We do!