Small Craft Safety Certifications are Back!

Back by popular demand – Small Craft Safety plus Canoe Safety!

Interested in taking your girls on an overnight that includes canoeing?  This is the class you need.  This American Red Cross certification class is all about taking your current swimming and canoeing skills to the next level.  Learn basic rescue skills for flat water.  Learn about fitting PFDs for all ages.  Need to brush up on weather around water?  Or maybe best practices for canoeing in a group?  Small Craft Safety certification is valid for three years upon completion.  There is a pretest associated with it – sign up today and we’ll get you all the information.

Small Craft Safety is only offered a handful of times each year here in Minnesota.  This is your chance to get certified!

Even better, though, is that we are adding in the Moving Water Module on Sunday.  After Small Craft Safety Certification on Saturday, you may take the Moving Water Module for certification to take girls paddling on rivers with Class I and Class II rapids. Training covers river safety and hazards, supervision of paddlers on moving water, and moving water rescues. Certification is valid for three years. To qualify for this class, you must have completed the Small Craft Safety Certification class during the same summer.

Head over to the Registration page to sign up for Small Craft Safety today.  Be sure to select the registration type for the Small Craft class.