Meet the 2017 Committee


The Lakamaga Conference is put on by a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers.  For the last 49 years, these volunteers have put on workshops, games, networking opportunities, campfires, flag ceremonies, concerts, auctions, sing-a-longs, and more — all in the name of educating Adult Girl Scouts.

The 2017 Committee is comprised people with a variety of interests and backgrounds.  Let’s get to know them each!

Debbie:  Chairwoman.  Serving 10+ Years on the Lakamaga Adult Education Conference Committee.  Paraprofessional for South Washington County Schools by day, Professional crafter and giggler by night.    “I believe in what Girl Scouts is all about and what we can teach young ladies to use the rest of their lives.  There are so many opportunities that can only happen in Girl Scouts.”  Debbie also is an active Service Unit Team member and has recently started running 5k races!  Find Debbie making announcements, saying hello to every participant, and running around camp during the conference. 


Emily:  The Retired Cook.  Serving 15+ years on the Committee, though no longer in the kitchen.  Emily returns to the Committee newly retired and ready to get back to camp.  Active with the Heritage Group, Caddie Committee, Service Unit, Encampments, and more around the Eastern part of River Valleys, Emily is well known to our community.  Find her at the conference assisting Terri with driving and being available to answer any question you have about camp (yes, any question).


Sharon B: Girl Boutique Organizer Extraordinaire.  Serving 15+ Years on the Committee.  Administrative Assistant for Hennepin County by day, thrift store hunter and professional crafter by night.  She says, “I have great memories of my Girl Scout years – from Brownies through Seniors!  I want to help ensure that all girls have the same great opportunities.  BONUS great friendships with other volunteers!”  Sharon is also an Outdoor Trainer and SUM for Hastings.  Find Sharon out by the Girl Boutique as well as leading craft courses.


Sandi:  Silent Auction Organizer.  Serving 16 years on the Committee.  Semi-professional camper, traveler, and quilter, Sandi spends her retirement doing only the fun things in life with her friends and family.  Sandi has assisted outdoor programming for Girl Scouts in both Texas and Minnesota, paving the way for thousands of girls to experience nature.  Find Sandi greeting all her old friends, meeting all the new participants, and hanging out around the Silent Auction helping everyone shop the amazing wares.


Terri: The Driver.  Serving 8 years on the Committee.  Customer Service Representative for RTI by day, Scrapbooker and full-time Navy mom by night.  She embodies the song “Make New Friends”, always looking to meet new Girl Scout friends while maintaining connections and friendships throughout the area.  Terri is pretty easy to find – if you are looking for a ride around camp during the conference, and would like to do so with a hearty laugh, Terri’s your gal.  She handles much of the in-camp transportation.


Dede:  The Cheerleader.  Serving 4 years on the Committee.  Staff at South Washington School District by day, dedicated mom and member of her church by night.  While Dede isn’t really an outdoor person, she continues to serve on the committee because seriously, who doesn’t love camp?  Dede volunteers because she “loves to see the girls grow in knowledge and into adulthood.”  She admits the girls, adults and families in her life are pretty awesome.  Find her helping out around the dining hall or trading SWAPs with everyone around camp!


Lee:  Committee Financial Officer.  Serving 3 years on the Committee.  Estimatics Coordinator for State Farm Insurance by day, SuperMom by night.  “Girl Scouts is great, but it is even greater when you can gain knowledge from other adults and bring it back to your troops, SUTs or just have some adult time with people of similar interests.”  Lee is very involved in the Valley Lake Service Unit, both with her daughter’s troop and their encampment.  Find Lee leading fiber arts classes and helping out wherever she can at the conference.  She’s the one with the giant infectious smile.


Erin:  Communications.  Serving 3 years on the Committee.  Global Talent Development for Smiths Medical by day, lover of music & long hikes through the woods by night.  “Girl Scouts provides the opportunity to try a little of everything to hone in on a girl’s strengths, loves, and joys.  Let’s do our part to provide this to every girl, no matter her age.”  Erin currently serves on the River Valleys Alumnae Association Leadership Team and the River Valleys Council Board Development Committee.  Find Erin at the information table getting everyone checked in and answering questions or out in the woods leading nature hikes.


Becca:  Camp Guide.  Serving her first year on the Committee.  Case Management at Children’s Hospital by day, amateur musician by night (and travel enthusiast when money and PTO allows).  Becca also is an active mentor and trainer for all Day Camp Caddies spending her spring each year teaching the next generation of camp leaders.  Find Becca around the information table and dining hall lending a helping hand or out assisting with classes.


Natalie:  New(ish) Kid on the Block.  Serving her first year on the Committee.  Banker for US Bank by day, service unit volunteer by night.  “I LOVE meeting the leaders and hearing about all the cool things they do!”  Natalie is active with OOTs and her service unit and she’s your go-to person to learn advanced map and compass skills.  Find Natalie floating around camp assisting and saying hello!