Girl Boutique

The Lakamaga Adult Education Conference committee would like to offer interested troops the opportunity to sell their crafts to adult volunteers at the Lakamaga Conference. There is no cost to participate, but you must submit a Troop Money Earning Project Approval Form along with this application. The Troop Money Earning Project Approval Form can be found on the River Valleys Volunteer Website.

The boutique will be held outdoors, rain or shine, on Saturday, August 18, 2018 outside of the Dining Hall at Camp Lakamaga.  Start planning today and join Troop 55325 in this great opportunity!

Click HERE to download the 2018 Troop Boutique Application.  All applications are due by July 29, 2018.  Questions?  Drop us a line!




  1. At least one registered adult must accompany each group of girls (all Safety Wise standards must be followed)
  2. All booths must have girl members in attendance and staffing the booth throughout the day. We recommend having girls work in shifts, as five hours (especially if it’s hot) can feel like a very long day.
  3. Girls are able to visit the camp store, and can use their cookie credits; otherwise, they must remain in the vicinity of the Boutique while at camp.
  4. All troops must handle their own sales and money.There will be no change available, so be sure to bring enough money/small change with you.
  5. Bring your own table(s), chairs and canopy if you wish to be protected from the sun (we choose not to entertain the possibility of rain).
  6. Be sure to bring your own lunch, as meals are not provided or available. Pop and water are available for purchase at camp.
  7. We suggest that you try to offer a variety of reasonably priced items. Each year we are amazed — and impressed — with how creative and productive our troops are!
  8. While the primary purpose of the Boutique is for troops to earn money, many leaders will be looking for ideas of things to make with their own troops. Leaders will be told that they are NOT to simply take pictures – if they are interested in an item, they should purchase one to take with them.
  9. NOTE: ALL items for sale must be made BY THE GIRLS or donated by other crafters, with ALL proceeds going to the troop. NO INDIVIDUALS should profit from this sale.
  10. Please do not make any items that would be inappropriate for all Girl Scouts (i.e., anything using alcohol bottles or images of alcohol or cigarettes or labels from such items, or items that might be used in the consumption of these products).