Session D Workshops

Session D runs 4:15p to 5:45p. Courses marked with ** will run longer than this time.

50 Simple Swaps to Celebrate Girl Scouts** with Sharon Blackie & Helen Schadegg.

SWAPs have a long history in Girl Scouting. Join us to learn what SWAPs are and how to share them with your troop and service unit. Plus – make tons of SWAPs! 50 simple SWAPs for 50 years of Lakamaga.  Class runs both Session C and D, feel free to sign up for one or both sessions, depending on how many SWAPs you wish to make.

American Red Cross First Aid AED CPR Certification ** with Rita Halbur.

This is the Blended Learning American Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED Certification course. Participants will be required to attend an online course prior to the Lakamaga Conference. This course has an additional $33.00 fee for certification and will run an additional 30 minutes long.

Are You Ready? Trip Planning for Camping/Wilderness Adventures with Liz Jaeger.

Join us to learn important steps to prepare for successful travel with your troop. This workshop focuses on leader and participant preparation and progression for camping and wilderness trips. Includes canoe tripping. Course is great for beginning travelers through more advanced trips.

Building Your STEM Confidence with Hannah Gilbert.

All leaders can lead science, engineering, and technology activities – no really, you can! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your STEM activities engaging, girl-led, and relatively stress-free. The all-girl, girl-led environment in Girl Scouts is the perfect place for girls to explore their interest in STEM, but we know it can feel daunting for volunteers who don’t have as much experience with these topics. This workshop will increase your confidence through hands-on tips and activities as well as positive mindset changes.

Communicating with Teens (Even When They Don’t Want to Talk) with Merri Guggisberg.

Do all teens just respond with one-word answers? Does every conversation have to turn into a battle? In this session, you’ll learn what age-appropriate communication looks like, how to practice active-listening, and gain practical strategies to improve your parent-child communication skills.

Essential Canoe Skills, Part 2** with Sheila Tatone & Liz Jaeger.

This course gives adults an opportunity to learn and practice basic canoeing skills. This is a continuation of Part 1 and includes the practice test for the American Red Cross Small Craft Safety certification.  Session runs both Session C and D, please register for both sessions.

Finding Your Way – Intro to Compasses and Maps with Natalie Broshar.

Kick it old school in this session with compass and maps (yes, paper maps!). Learn how to read a map and use a compass. Come away with easy and fun activities you can use with your Girl Scouts.

Introduction to Car Care with Will Byars.

Come learn all about the basic systems of a car! This is a practical learning session focused on the Senior Car Care Badge. Learn the major systems that make a car work, their operating principles, and how to do basic maintenance and field repairs. We’ll also cover a bit of driving safety and tips to maximize fuel efficiency.

Introduction to Woodturning with MN Woodturners Association.  

Join volunteers from the MN Woodturners Association as they teach introduction to Woodturning. The volunteers are bringing their lathes for a hands-on workshop. Learn lathe skills, safety measures, and basic woodturning skills. Take a small project home to show off your new skill! Due to the small class size, this course is offered twice. Please only register for ONE of the session options.  This course has an additional $15.00 fee for materials. Please select the “Maker Course – Additional Fees” in registration to submit this additional fee.

Lacing** with Julie Denzer.

Remember working with lacing as a young child? We’ll cover sample projects of this time-honored activity and make a project to take. Projects include bracelets, lanyards, and keychains.  This craft is great for your younger girls to practice their fine-motor skills or have a good quiet-time project.  Session runs both Session C and D, please register for both sessions.

Make Your Own Salsa with Emily White.

Learn how to preserve vegetables safely. We will make jars of salsa as part of the course while we discuss best practices for canning. Course has two parts: One in the morning, one in the afternoon. If taking in the afternoon, must take session in the morning.

Off the Tracks (Effective Communication) with Connie Schliesman.

The number one reason any project gets derailed is due to ineffective communication. Even our relationships can be derailed by it! This workshop will help you think about what you really want to say and how to succeed in listening to others and discussing your point of view.

Outdoor Fun and Games with Gerri Fitzloff.

Want to learn how to take the girls outdoors and teach them about nature in a hands-on way? Learn how to play games and make crafts to teach many nature awareness and environmental science skills. Course is led by a certified Project Wet and Project Wild instructor.

Outdoor Gourmet with Erin Barwis.

Cooking out can be more than Girl Scout Gumbo and hotdogs! Learn recipes that take it up a notch, both in flavor and skill. We’ll make some of them to taste-test too. This is great for girls who are interested in cooking and outdoor skills.

Outdoor Progression with Pam Wurster.

Learn about the Girl Scout outdoor progression – how to advance girls’ outdoor skills in an age-appropriate way by learning new skills and combining them with ones they already know. This session will also cover how the outdoor badges and journeys fit into the progression. Be ready to engage in this interactive session where you learn how to explore the outdoors with girls.

Service Unit Manager Orientation with Pauline Wangen.

Introduction to the Service Unit Manager role. Discuss how to best support your service unit and timelines for Council work.

Spoon Carving** with Jess Hirsch.

Learn how to carve a spoon from a fresh-cut tree using traditional Nordic carving techniques. This class will cover tree anatomy, axing out a blank (roughed out spoon shape), knife holds for the hook & sloyd knife, drying and finishing. This class is GREAT for a beginning carver. Class fee of $30 is at a discounted rate specifically for Girl Scouts! Fee includes tool rental, all materials, finishing kit, and safety equipment.  Please select the “Maker Course – Additional Fees” in registration to submit this additional fee. Session runs both Session C and D, please register for both sessions.

Yogurt Jar Rain Chain with Chris Pearson.

Make a fun rain chain using small glass jars – the type you see with French-style yogurt.


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